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Our move date is getting closer and all I can think about is decorating the house! I have decided to tackle one room at a time but the majority of the rooms are covered as we recently have done up the office and Amelia's room at this house so we will just be painting then moving the furniture over. However, one room I wish to completely change it's decor is the bathroom! In our current house, the decor in the bathroom is sort of mix and match if you like. It looks fine don't get me wrong but I would like to change it up a bit. I am wanting to keep it neutral and add whites, cream and browns to give it a more natural feel. 

I really do love the shabby chic decor and furnishings look so I may just have to purchase a few bits and pieces to give the room that feel to it. I have decided to set myself a budget for each room in the house that needs doing up and have put aside £50 for the bathroom. Now I know I can easily do this on that amount as I have previously done the office and Amelia's room on this budget too! 

I really want some sort of bathroom storage and thought these wicker baskets would be perfect! I have actually found some on sale at two for £20 so they will go beautifully on either side of the wash basin. I then would like to add some homely accessories some of which are shown above in the little mood board that I have created. That would be my dream bathroom, I love all of the accessories and decor and would love to have my bathroom like that!

Do you have a theme for your bathroom?

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  1. Our bathroom seems to have taken a white & rainbow theme. It wasn't really planned but since we rent and everything is decorated white already, I though the easiest way to add some interest was with some bright coloured accessories. My favourite part is my useful quote pictures I made for the walls (eg. "You don't have to brush all your teeth, just the ones you want to keep.").

  2. I'm heading back to uni in a few weeks and the theme for my bathroom is pink! The theme for my bedroom is vintage :) I love the vintage looking bottles!


  3. I love these colours! I think they're perfect for a bathroom, it's simple and natural. I wish I could decorate mine but it's so small that I really don't see how I could do that. But anyway, we're renting so impossible to paint or anything. But anyway, congratulations on your new house :) x

  4. The decorative elements really matter for any room design not only for the bathroom one. If you match the colors of the towels, the rugs, the soap container and the toilet brush, you will certainly achieve good results.

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  6. Plain white for bathroom theme will give first impression, cleanliness! Especially, if your stuff is preferable for the theme.

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