Wii: Fun for all of the family

The history of video game consoles can be traced back to the 1970s and Nintendo Entertainment System has always been at the forefront of console and games development. From the early days of the Super Nintendo and the Nintendo 64 through to the Game Boy in the 1990s to the present day where the 3DS and Wii continue to lead the way, outselling competitors such as Sony and Microsoft.

Nintendo has given us some of the world's best loved characters including Donkey Kong, Super Mario Bros., Zelda and Pokemon. Many of these titles continue to be re-invented for today's audiences, combining the latest gaming advances with familiar characters that we all know and love. 

In 2012 Nintendo released its hand-held console the Wii U, which included a touch screen game pad. Their latest full-sized console is the new streamlined Wii mini which was released earlier this year. If you would like to raise funds in order to purchase one of the latest models you can sell your Wii with Music Magpie. 


When the Wii was first released back in 2006 it was originally named the Nintendo Revolution. The company changed the name after deciding that Revolution would be difficult for some cultures to pronounce. At first the name Wii was subject to ridicule. However the company stuck to its guns claiming that the name Wii was short, to the point and unlikely to be forgotten. 

Since its launch the 'Wii console' continues to be popular and its target demographic is much wider than other games machines. Nintendo does not compete with the likes of Sony or Microsoft, but aims to broaden its audiences by reaching for families and people that are new to gaming. Even pensioners are reported to be playing on the Wii and one tabloid claimed the Queen had enjoyed a game. 

Gamers have loved Nintendo franchises for many years but the games available for the Wii tend to be more family orientated than those designed for other systems. While hard core gamers are unlikely to be parted from their Playstation 3 or Xbox 360, young gamers and families will prefer the 'casual' style games of the Wii. 

Sports and fitness fans 

By offering Wii Sports as a bundle, Nintendo immediately made the console accessible to a much wider audience and the Wii fit also helped to bring fitness fans and women to the genre. The multiplayer function broadens the appeal further by attracting children and those seeking a party game. 

The Wii is a great all-rounder and ideal for those looking to introduce younger members of the family to gaming. It is easy enough to pick up and play and many of the games are marketed towards people who do not normally play games. Fans of Nintendo's original games will also have a chance to catch up with their favourite characters. 

The Wii also leads the way in motion-control gaming which is enhanced by body movements. A perfect opportunity for the entire family to get off the sofa and enjoy a gaming session.

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