What I'm wearing to Brit Mums Live

After I got over the excitement that I would be attending Brit Mums Live this year it suddenly began to dawn on me what the heck would I wear? I've never been to a blogging event let alone a conference before so I had no idea what the attire usually is. I have decided to dress comfortably, after all I'm going to be on my feet all day, I am not a heel type of girl so would end up walking around bare foot, which no one will be impressed about so I have opted for a more casual dressed up approach. The first day there is an awards ceremony in the evening which many people dress up for so I decided to go with a maxi dress as they are perfect for dressing down for the day time and dressing up for the evening. Win win situation!

For Saturday's outfit I have gone casual but not too plain jane. Boots, skinny jeans a blouse and trench coat, and hopefully if it's sunny I can get my sunglasses out. I'm not really the type to go all out so I am actually quite happy with my outfit choices. I just hope I'm not too undressed, but at least I will be comfortable for both days. I'm not 100% on these options as yet as I do tend to change my mind last minute but most likely I will be wearing something along the lines of the above. 

Outfit 1 
Black Maxi Dress
Denim Cropped Jacket
Gold Sandals
Oversized Bag

Outfit 2 
Trench Coat 
Skinny Jeans
Black fold over boots
White Blouse
Warehouse Bag

Are you attending Brit Mums Live? What are your outfit choices?



  1. Very nice, I am really sad I wont be able to attend, have wanted to go so badly x


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