*Get Your Lawn Looking Great For Summer With The Kids

Our garden has been very neglected since we moved in, we are renting and it's not the best of gardens even though the house is lovely. So we haven't really concentrated on gardening at all, until recently. This past week we have had beautiful weather and been out in the garden everyday! I have been looking at ways to get the garden looking great in time for summer as we will hopefully be spending a lot of time in it over the next few months. 

The best time to get your lawn ready for the warm summer months is during spring. However we haven't really had a great spring here in the UK meaning no time in the garden. Also don't forget the bigger your garden is, the more time you will have to spend keeping up with it. Getting your children involved get them enjoying being out in the garden and they can learn interesting things too. 

Rake your lawn - You need to rake your lawn to get rid of excess thatch. Thatch is the decaying plant material that is on the ground. This can block sunlight from the grass and prevent water from reaching deep roots stopping it growing. You can also rake your lawn if you have turf too as you will need to keep on top of getting leaves out of it. If you have an older child get them to collect all the leaves and put them in the compost for you.

Buy Turf - Buying grass turf is a great way to get your lawn looking tip top for summer. It saves having to keep on top of the garden as often and you can roll it out really easily. 

Mow your lawn properly -  You need to mow your lawn regularly. Never cut more than one third of the height of the grass otherwise it will be too short. Frequent mowing helps strengthen the roots and raise the cutting height of your lawnmower as the summer months approach as longer grass shades the soil better keeping it moist. If you have turf some turf will need mowing regularly too. 

Water your lawn regularly - Most grass needs about 1 inch of irrigation per week during peak seasons. Frequent brief sprinklings encourage unfavourably shallow root penetration. Perhaps invest in a sprinkler. For best results, water your lawn during the early morning or at night. Again with your children get them to help, even if it's just by turning the sprinklers on. 

Reseed bare patches - Use a standard fertiliser and water the area as you would normally. Reseed bare patches in the autum or spring if you can as this will ensure it is ready for summer. If your grass isn't growing back quick enough you could purchase some turf for the time being. 

Have you got your lawn ready for summer? Looking for ways to make your garden a great entertaining space? Check out some tips here.

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  1. Oo I like a spot of gardening, im totally useless at it most of the plants I buy die. Having a lawn is a highly valueable thing when you have kids !



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