Getting Your Children Active Outdoors

Ever since I was a kid I always remember going on outdoor activity weekends with school or even away on holidays as a family camping. We would go to many different camps and outdoor centres across the UK sometimes staying for a week which would involve a weekly schedule. You would have days where you would do outdoor activities such as kayaking, gorge scrambling and also coasteering where you would get soaked and days where you would go climbing or orienteering. From a very young age I was introduced to the outdoors as my Dad is very passionate about outdoor activities, he even owns his own outdoor activity business in Snowdonia. I was always going climbing with him, kayaking, canoeing you name it and I've done it. I was also in many climbing competitions across the UK amongst the top under 18 girl climbers.  You could say that I was a tom boy. 

Of course when I came to my last years of high school I slowly stopped participating in these activities, I would much rather go out with my friends on sit on the laptop all day. I also didn't want to get my hair wet! Those days of swimming in lakes, climbing 100ft high cliffs were over. I would love for Amelia to experience the same passion for the outdoors as I once had. Its always great to get your children out in the fresh air and playing too but to get involved with group activities will also help with their awareness and team building exercises. Even cycling, camping or walking which aren't strenuous activities you can even do these from a very young age. Most bikes have baby seats and you can buy fantastic baby carriers. 

Don't forget to ensure your child is equipt for being outdoors. For example if you were going Kayaking they would need a wetsuit which you can find from the High Octane's Triathlon Wetsuit Range or if you are going with a group most activity centres do provide them. If they are going walking ensure they have some solid walking shoes. 

Many schools offer these courses through the year and also in the summer holidays. You could also search the web in your local area for an outdoor activity centre who would be more than happy to assist you. You can take children from a very early age many also do family days. Why not start them from a young age and get them interested in the outdoors instead of waiting until they are teenagers and they'd much rather sit playing on their xbox all night. 

We have already been on many walks with Amelia in her baby bjorn and are looking to go camping with her in the summer. We will slowly introduce her to new activities as she gets older. There is also a little nature reserve about a 10 minute drive from where we live which is a fantastic way to show her new things such as the animals, birds, trees plants and such.

Here are some outdoor activities you could introduce to your children:

1. Camping
2. Kayaking 
3. Cycling
4. Climbing
5. Walking
6. Coasteering
7. Gorge Scrambling
9. Canoeing 
10. Orienteering

Do you plan to get your child in the outdoors from a young age?

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  1. Amelia is a doll! I am happy to see you are exposing her to nature at such a young age.
    My twin boys are eight and we have always had them outdoors. My husband and I have a love for the great outdoors-gardening, fishing, hiking, walking or just being out among God's creation. I will say for a child to have a love or passion for outdoors I feel the parents need to instill that at a very young age. Children need to see, feel, touch, explore, etc. on their own too. And don't be afraid to allow your children to play in dirt and MUD! It's good for them. Happy Friday!

  2. I love that you are making an effort not only to get your child outside but to have her enjoy it! We are huge fans of camping and Lil Mister is so much better when he can be outside at least once during the day! It's too easy as parents to just fall into a habit of using an electronical baby sitter but it is terrible!

  3. Hi Amelia,
    My 7yo daughter seems to get caught up in whatever outdoor fad I'm into at the moment. She didn't really enjoy kayaking because of all the splashing, but she's certainly enjoying the climbing a bit and even walking in the mountains, although I suspect that this is because I use sweets as motivators! Here's a recent adventure we had, hope that you enjoy it too.



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