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Buying a gift for your man from your baby can be rather tricky when it comes to Father's day or even his birthday. Of course your baby won't be able to go out and buy something themselves (although that would be rather impressive) so it's down to us ladies to find the perfect gifts for Daddy. 

This will be Andy's second Father's Day and Amelia was only a newborn last year so we Amelia didn't buy him anything big. But this year I want to buy him something special and get him something that he can keep and treasure for years to come. I was thinking something personalised but we shall see. I wonder what Amelia will choose!

Here are just a few ideas for making sure you treat Daddy.

1. Leather Jacket - Leather jackets are a hit and miss with met. It definitely depends on their style however most men would love a new leather jacket. I really like this jacket as it is more casual than the other leather flying jackets

2. Daddy Photo Frame - This is a lovely gift idea, and one any new dad would love. I am thinking of getting this for Andy from Amelia. 

3. An ideal present for any Dad, especially one who drinks a lot of hot drinks. This personalised ceramic mug can be personalised with Daddy's name definition. 

4. Slippers - You can never go wrong with slippers as a present for Daddy. I love these Britannia leather ones perfect for a rock n roll dad. 

5. I love this personalised leather Daddy keyring. You can personalise it with any message you wish for Daddy to treasure forever. 

6. This Spaceform Mirror Frame is a perfect touch and will make a great present for any dad. Prices at £22.99 not too expensive and will make a perfect keepsake. 

7. Father's Day Chocolate Gift Box - You have to get every may chocolate for Father's day well at least its a tradition in our family. My dad loves Toblerone and I usually get Andy a box of chocolates from Amelia for birthdays and Christmas too as an extra present. I love this gift box you can personalise it by adding the children's names.

What will your little ones be buying Daddy for father's day this year?


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  1. I love number 2! I'm not sure what to get yet but I found a lovely Father's Day craft on Pinterest using baby's handprints so I might do that for part of it.

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