Father's Day Gift Guide: Gifts for Cool Dads

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It's nearly that time of year again when we all panic and think oh dear I still need to buy a Father's Day present and this year I have two Dad's to buy for. Well one of them is for Amelia because of course I have to help her choose something for Andy. Men are so hard to shop for aren't they? I hope this gift guide can give you some ideas on what to get your Dad or partner for fathers day and make your shopping easier. Don't forget Father's Day is on June 16th this year.

1. LED TV - Fancy treating your Dad to a new LED TV perfect for when Coronation Street is on so dad can take to the back room and watch the football in full HD quality. 

2. PS3 Controller - Men love a new Games Console Controller for their toys! Give Dad an excuse to play with the kids on the xbox or PS3 and it also gives you an excuse to put your feet up for a while.

3. Fathers day lunch - Why not treat your Dad to a fathers day lunch at a luxury hotel. You can both sit down and catch up or even bring the whole family.

4. Barbour Wax Cotton Travel Explorer Bag - Just like women, men can never have too many bags. Ha! Not handbags, men bags. Does your men like to travel a lot or go to the gym? This bag would be perfect for a travel bag. 

5. Gold Pretty Green Sunglasses - I have bought Andy many items from Pretty Green in the past they have a lovely collection of clothing and accessories for men. These sunglasses would be perfect for the summer.

6. This personalised poster is a lovely gift for fathers day. Perfect for his office or man's room or even for the living room. He will be sure to find somewhere nice to place it. You can personalise it at the bottom with a message to your Dad and it also have a poem thanking your Dad for being the great person this he is. 

7. Charcoal Barbecue - Why not treat your Dad to a design classic! Iconic design, quality engineering, and high spec features will enhance and simplify your barbecuing experience. I just love this colour and I'm sure any man would love this for the summer with his friends or family. 

8. Men love to buy or receive a new jacket, its like women and shoes or handbags - well sort of. Barbour's outerwear range is packed full of smart, stylish designs that offer practicality and versatility in abundance. This tailor fitted quilted jacket will be a fantastic gift for a sophisticated man. 

9. Men and toys never get old, why not treat him to a spy cam helicopter. This helicopter takes photos and records while flying. Who said men can't still be big kids! 

10. It's not only women who love a bit of bling in their lives. Why not surprise him with a choice of Mens Gold Signet Rings from Rebus. There's many to choose from and you could always get in engraved too for a perfect keepsake. 

Have you decided what to buy the men in your life for Fathers Day?

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  1. HAHA,
    Love this post - Rovi has a bag just like that & he uses it for the gym.

    Lotte xo


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