Evenflo Jenny Jump Up Delia Review

Back when Amelia was a squishy little baby I knew that I would want to buy her a door jumper. I searched high and low for a nice one, I didn't want a plain boring one so I eventually found the Evenflo Jenny Jump Up which I fell in love with instantly. I wanted it so much I actually paid $70 for it to be shipped over from the US ha! I know you can buy a basic one over here but I think I had found my love for the colour pink and wanted everything of Amelia's to be pink. Plus it's so pretty isn't it and because I love it so much I have decided to share my love for it with you all!

When it arrived Amelia was just short of 4 months old which was the perfect age to be put in the standing up postition. She was able to hold her head from an early age so there was no problem there. The swing came in a small box and was easy to put together and attach to the doorway. I put Amelia in it after hanging it up and she loved it! We had it up in the living room as that's the room we use the most during the day. I would switch her from the door swing to the play mat through out the day so we could learn how to roll over on the mat and also bounce in the swing. 

We actually hadn't used the swing since Amelia was around 6 months I think the main reason for this was it kept getting in the way of the door as it led through to the kitchen and we had the Jumperoo which Amelia loved being in. However recently I got it out and attached it to the doorway of Amelia's nursery and even though she can already walk and run around I thought it could still be of great use to keep her entertained and still so I can do the housework! When she was younger it was great as we could place her in it so I could hoover the living room or do the dishes and she would sit quite happily in it watching TV for a short while. Although she couldn't really bounce or touch the ground over the months she grew into it and loved it! 

I really do love the pattern of the Jenny Jump Up, it's so girly and pink which is also a bonus. I ordered the Delia Pattern, which is grey with pink flowers. I believe you can buy different patterns too which is great if you want a more neutral colour.

It has an adjustable strap so you can change the height as your baby grows. This door bouncer accommodates your baby from 4 months until 24lbs. Amelia is roughly 23lbs so it's great that she can still fit in it at 12 months. The bouncer also comes with a toy hoop which allows you to clip on your babies favourite toys. The seat pad is removable which allows you to wash it if baby has accidents or is sick. 

Amelia at 4 & 5 months in the Jenny Jump Up

I would highly recommend this door bouncer to any parent looking for a solution to take up less floor space and also to keep your baby entertained. This is also great for taking on the road of packing away as it is so small.  We have loved using it and I'm quite sad that Amelia is about to grow out of it. It is by far one of my favourite baby purchases.

You can purchase the Jenny Jump Up for around $30 (£20) from Walmart in the US. However I found mine on Ebay and paid $70 (£45) including shipping. 


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  1. OMG I remember when you first got it - She was so tiny!!
    It looks really comfortable
    Very pretty too

    Lotte xo

  2. she looks so adorable in this!
    on a side note, do you think that these are a dangerous for young babies?
    I guess they are ok, as long as your baby is closely monitored.

  3. Thanks for sharing! My twins are 6 months old, and we have been talking about getting a jumper. Amelia is precious in this one!



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