Creating the Perfect Entertaining Space in your Garden

Hi everyone, hope you all had a lovely bank holiday weekend! We sure had some lovely weather here which got me thinking out about getting our garden ready for the summer. There's nothing better than enjoying some good food and cold drinks outdoors with friends and family. That's exactly what summer is all about, and today I will be sharing some tips for creating the ultimate outdoor entertaining space in your garden for summer. 

Choosing your perfect space

You may only have a small garden or you may have 10 achers! What ever size your garden is before you can start transforming it you need to decide on what space to work with. Will you create it at the back of your garden, at the end of the field or next to your back door? If you are installing decking or already have decking but it's looking a little bit under the weather you can use the following product to clean an existing decking installation that is looking a bit tired. With that in mind, if you are looking for a new decking for your entertaining space why not take a look at the Richard Burbidge who have a fantastic range of decking suitable for every garden. Of course if you have young children or babies you will need to ensure that your outdoor space is child safe especially if they will be running around.

Select a style/colour scheme

Selecting a style and colour scheme for your outdoor space or decking area is a must. Most outdoor entertaining spaces are neutral to combine with the natural environment and beauty. You will need to decide what type of furniture you will be wanting, what colour furnishing and crockery too. Theres a lot to think about. 

Provide warmth for nighttime entertaining

I don't know about you but I always forget to take a jacket or cardigan to evening get togethers or BBQ's. So it's always good to keep a few blankets on stand by. But an even better solution are heat lamps or even an outdoor fireplace. So when the sun goes down you don't have to go inside just yet and can carry on with the wine and chit chat. 

Outdoor Kitchen

You will either need to invest in a good BBQ or bring your kitchen outside. A full kitchen is the ultimate must have luxury for outdoor entertaining. Depending on your budget and space there are many different types and size to suit your taste. A fitted outdoor kitchen is great for cooking and interacting with your guests at the same time. Of course if you can't afford an outdoors kitchen a BBQ will still do the trick! 

Outdoor Speakers

An outdoor sound system is a must have if you are wanting to entertain in your garden. You'll want something to blast your tunes on! Wireless speakers are a great alternative especially if you are further away from the house. 

Do you have many outdoor gatherings planned for the summer? I can't wait to get outside and host a few bbq's. 


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  1. We dont have an outdoor space, which is rather sad. Instead we shall have to make do with going to the beach or park. xx

  2. Nice to know !! I really recommend other to read this article .Keep up the good work .


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