DIY | Instagram Magnets

Finally another DIY! I keep telling myself I'll do a project tomorrow and never get round to it Well today I am sharing with you how to make your very own Instagram Magnets! These are so easy and a lot cheaper than ordering them from Instagram yourself and will only take you roughly 10-15 minutes to do.

Supplies needed:
Instagram photos
Magnetic sheet/labels
Adhesive Spray (optional)

I used photo's I already had printed off and cut them into squares however I do recommend going to Followgram and saving some photo's onto your computer. Then opening up photoshop or another editing software (Picmonkey) and making a new document then selecting your photo's and adding them into a collage of squared photo's. The best size would be 2x2 or 3x3 I have no idea what mine are as they were improvised. You can then print these off on card or photo paper and cut them up into squares. 
Okay, so now you have your prints ready you will need to take your magnetic sheet. If you have enough of it you can cut this up into squares to match the size of your prints however I cut them up into thin strips. I cut four small pieces for each print. 
I then glued these onto the back of each print. You can use any glue you have craft glue will probably be your best option as the glue stick I used was useless! Next if required you can spray the prints with adhesive spray.

Now go and stick your new DIY to your fridge and admire! These would also make great gifts for grandparents or family. I'd love to do more and cover the whole of our fridge! How amazing would that look!

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