Thinking ahead: What do certain flowers really mean?

Beyond the gifts that Christmas brings, Valentine’s Day is the one day of the year that a girl can really count on getting flowers from the one she loves.

And let’s face it; we all have our favourite flowers, which we hope our significant other will know too.
Many of us have looked at the range of Valentine’s Day flowers from Interflora and dreamed of which bouquet we would love to receive.

Aside from the obvious preferences of some flowers, there are some specific meanings behind the giving of certain blooms. Meanings that date back to the time when most people couldn't write love notes, and so relied upon flowers to convey a message instead.

Here are some of the more common flowers to give, and what their meaning or message is:

• Red roses – These have long been the message of true love, which is why they’re often the flower of choice for Valentine’s Day. However, in more recent years, they now mean that the man in your life may be unimaginative as they’re a bit too much of an obvious choice.
• Striped carnations – Beware if your significant other hands you a bunch of these. It is a sign of refusal and means that they don’t want to be with you. Although going to the trouble of finding and buying these rarer flowers instead of talking to you probably also shows you that they’re a bit of a coward too!
• Sunflowers – These bright beautiful flowers represent purity and lofty thoughts. It could mean he doesn’t want to pressure you or maybe he’s not ready for a physical relationship.
• Daisies – A great flower to receive. They not only show that he’s unique and thought about what to get, but also represent innocence, faith and loyal love. Not a bad message to be giving to your loved one.
• Peonies – Although these are beautiful in a vase, watch out if you think your partner is trying to send you a message...the real meaning behind these blooms is in fact shame, which may mean he’s been unfaithful.
• Burgundy roses – A little different from the traditional red, these mean “unconscious beauty” and could be very sweet as it means that he can see your inner beauty and not just the obvious beauty that everyone gets to see.
• Yellow tulips – Perfect for those who think they’re in love with someone who won’t return their feelings. It may mean that they’ve been a friend for a while and aren’t sure how you feel. Let them know soon and put them out of their misery!
• Yellow roses – Symbolise friendship. Not the best bunch to receive from your man, but a great gift for you best girl friend.

What type of flowers are your favourite?


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