Perfect Gifts For Her This Christmas

Are you still struggling to find the perfect gift for her this year? Well if she's a new mum like myself then here are a  few perfect ideas! 

1. This Khaki Parka from Miss Selfridge is on trend and a the PU sleeves are a must this season. I love the colour Khaki and need a new coat what more perfect than this! It is the perfect length and would get a lot of use this winter. 

2. New lingerie is always a much appreciated gift especially after giving birth. After wearing maternity bras and nursing bras for months there's nothing better than putting on some nice new underwear. One brand that I have found to be great is Wonderbra from figleaves.com they have a large variety of women's lingerie ranging from maternity and nursing wear to sports lingerie. Wonderbra sell T-shirt bra's which are great for a on the go mum. They are super comfortable and have adjustable straps. Also to answer the question above - I prefer straps! 

3. I am in need of a new Ipad case and absolutely love this brown animal glitter print Ipad case from River Island. Being a mum I barely have time to get the laptop out, so whilst having my hands full with the little one it's easier just to have the Ipad in use. It's just looking rather plain and lonely right now so I think a new case will jazz it up a bit.

4. I already have a Pandora bracelet however it was full a long time ago and I haven't bought any new charms. If you already have one you will know how great they are for gifts! Well now mine is full I would like to get the necklace to start filling up too. These make perfect gifts.

5. UGG boots never seem to go out of season! Every year everyone continues to wear them and they get a lot of use around here with the weather, however mine are starting to look a bit overused! I would love a new pair and maybe in a different colour. They have many different designs, colours and sizes now too!

6. As I said before I barely get to use my laptop anymore so using my Ipad more often a keyboard would come in handy especially for late night blogging. It doesn't take up much space and can easily fit in your changing bag too.

I hope I have given you some more last minute gift ideas maybe even for yourself if you are trying to hint to your partner share this page in his email so he can get some ideas or for a friend or family member.

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    1. I only have the normal sized ones but I do have some fake short ones but not the same lol

  2. I love...LOVE Uggs and that new computer look cool but I'm sooooo attached to my mac! hahaha


    Danielle Faith

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