Boon Squirt Spoon Review & GIVEAWAY

The Boon Spoon is a meal time 'revelation' according to it's makers. The Squirt Spoon is an all-in-one squeezable weaning utensil for feeding your baby pureed food either on the go or at home. You won't need to take jars or tubs of food, spoons or bowl out with you just fill up the spoon and place it in your changing bag. It's as easy as that!

The spoon has a 'bulb' like compartment to store 3oz of pureed baby food, which is a reasonable amount. It also comes with a protective cap it prevent spillage, however I would have preferred it if the cap covered the whole of the spoon. The product is recommended for babies from 4 months old, although I wouldn't recommend feeding your baby with this if they don't eat much as you need to fill it up for it to work better.

It also allows you to have a free hand during meal times, instead of using one hand for holding the bowl and the other to feed your baby with a spoon. With the Boon Spoon you only need one hand to gently squeeze the 'bulb'.

One downside I have found it that you won't be able to feed your baby two courses unless of course you buy two or are somewhere where you can wash it out. But for the ease of filling it up before you go out it's mainly for one meal.

Easy for feeding on the go
Cut's out the amount of equipment needed for feeding
Easy to use
Nice design
Perfect for weaning a baby

Easy to clean in a sterilizer
Doesn't hold more than one course of food
Not for a hungry baby (if they eat more than 3oz a meal)

The Boon Spoon is available to buy online and in most baby shops. Retailing at £6.99 They also come in a variety of colours, I chose the purple one for Amelia. However it does also come in Orange, Green, Blue and Pink.

Okay, so now onto the Giveaway!
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Good Luck!


  1. Hello.. am funkynaz1 from YT.. also following you here on the blog. Thank you so much for this international giveaway :-).. I wish to win this because it's a mess free way to feed a baby. Also its easy to use. Hope to win.

  2. I'm glad you did a review on this, I was wondering what it was like.

  3. I love that they would be good for on the go. :)


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