Five & Six Month Favourites

Now that Amelia is 6 months old there are many new things we are using and loving lately. Our little pumpkin is growing by the day and doing new things all the time. She will be one before we know it! Here are our current favourites! And as always, suggestions welcome for anything great that we may be missing out on!

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Fisherprice Jumperoo - This has been a life saver for the last few months! We absolutely love it, and I can have my arms back and get the housework done. Amelia loves being in it and jumps all the time.

Ella's Kitchen Peaches & Bananas - This has been Amelia's favourite food to eat if we are out and about. 

Camera -  This is an all time favourite, but I have taken tons of photo's of Amelia recently as she is doing new things all the time. It's great the have the camera on stand by if she's about to do something. 

Amber Teething Anklet - We've had this for over a month now and have definitely seen an improvement and the drooling is starting to decrease too. I have recently done a review here

Pajamas - Now that it's getting colder at night and Amelia is growing it's harder to put her in a sleep-suit so I opted for pajamas sets instead. So much easier and they are so cute too!

VTech Little Singing Bear - I bought this for Amelia a few weeks ago, she loves it!!! I on the otherhand get sick of it singing but it does keep Amelia happy and calms her down when she's fussy. It lights up and sings songs. 

Galt baby soft blocks - These are great to have around the house, some of them have bells in the them and make noise when you shake them. They all have pictures, shapes and numbers on them so helping your baby to learn as they play.

Boon Squirt Spoon - These are so damn awesome it's not even funny. Especially when you have a hungry little bunny like I do who gets impatient waiting for food to be scooped onto a spoon. Only two parts to wash & takes up less room on the drying rack. We have one in the kitchen & one in the diaper bag for easy feeding on the go.

Body suits - Love the colors so Autumny, the material & the way these fit SO much more than many other ones out there. These are from next.

Tommee Tippee Sippy Cup - Another one of those things we couldn't grasp that she may be old enough for. Amelia wouldn't take it at first but now she is slowly starting to get use to it. Also great for when your out and about. It's so fun to watch her learn how to drink out of it... and best part... it is spill proof.

What to Expect the First Year - This book has everything you'd ever want to know about a baby's first year and breaks it down month by month. I enjoy reading it to see what milestones Amelia will be reaching each month.


  1. Ohhh Great post! I wish i have baby to buy stuffs like that!

  2. I'd say the jumper roo is the best investment we have ever made I'd say its a must for parents

    1. It's the best invention ever! I don't know what i'd do with out it lol

  3. Awesome post honey - just bought the Galt Blocks on your recommendation (and an Owl Hat from a previous post) - keep em coming. So many traps out there and you end up buying useless items x


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