Our First Autumn Walk

We woke up on Thursday morning and for once it wasn't raining! So we jumped at the chance to go for a walk. We drove thirty minutes to a nearby village called Beddgelert. It's a lovely place and has gorgeous scenery. We grabbed a bite to eat when we arrived as Amelia was fast asleep in the car seat and we didn't want a fussy baby, I then fed her back in the car and we got the baby bjorn out then took a stroll down by the riverside. It was nice to get out for some fresh air, seeing as I don't get out much anymore. Luckily It didn't rain and it wasn't too cold. We will definitely be taking Amelia out more often and making the most out of the baby carrier before she grows out of it. She loved being nosey...well when she wasn't too busy sucking away on the carrier. Passers by stopped to talk to us and some old folk on the steam train waved at Amelia. We took it in turns to carry her as she is too heavy for me to carry longer than an hour now. I look forward to more days out over the next few month...especially in the winter!

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  1. Sounds like a lovely walk :-)! Beautiful pics xx

  2. This is so sweet. I bet that she loved facing out in her carrier. xx- Monica

  3. these pictures are great. What a pretty place!!

  4. LOVE these photos!! You have the cutest little family EVER!

  5. Love these! She is precious. That face she is making with her lip is sooo cute!! Haha

  6. This park looks like a lovely place to visit. What country or state is it?
    Also it's kind of hard to figure out how to comment. I kept scrolling up and down til I finally saw the little word comment. Maybe if you point it out more people would comment.

  7. This place is so pretty! Would definitely love to stroll around there! Love that picture of her when she's making a face haha She is precious!

  8. What a wonderful place to take pictures. These are all great!

  9. Autumn walks are here!!!! Yay!!! Great pictures!

  10. Stopping by from GFC Hop! Great blog you have!!

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