Holiday With A Baby: Part 1

In just over a month we are going on holiday for the first time as a family. It's slightly daunting taking a baby abroad on a plane let alone a new country all together. The flight is roughly four hours long and that's not including the 2 hour car journey to the airport, the parking and checking in a couple of hours before the flight. I am dreading it! Andy... probably not as much because he's a man. When do men ever think ahead and plan things? Never in my case! If I had left everything to him we wouldn't even have our flights booked, parking or any holiday clothes! I am a lister and must jot down things we would need to take. I like to be organised and well prepared. So I will start packing around 2 weeks beforehand to make sure I don't forget anything. 

Amelia will be 6 months old at the time of travel so she will be at that stage where she won't sleep and will want to play. Pretty much like now, she won't nap in the day. So how do you keep a 6 month old baby entertained on a 4 hour flight!? Hmmmmm... well I plan to feed (breastfeed) her on take off and hope she will fall asleep on me for at least half an hour to an hour. Then for the other three hours I guess Andy and myself will be passing her back and fourth and trying to keep her happy on our laps. 

I'm not too worried about anything when we arrive in Tenerife I guess it will just be like any normal day but hotter and more relaxing. I am looking forward to taking her in the sea, building sandcastles, taking long walks on the beach and of course sunbathing, a few cocktails and FOOD!!!

I am looking forward to this well needed holiday, I haven't been abroad since I went away for a month back in 2010 and it will a nice break before going back to work. Counting down the days....


  1. Aw! Best wishes! We haven't had to travel far with our two yet! But I can totally see why you're not looking forward to it!

    ♥ Shar

    1. I tried emailing you the discount code and deets for the swap, but your email address doesn't seem to be working =/ Please email me at sharmartinezwrites[at]gmail[dot]com :)

      xoxo :)


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