Holiday Baby Essentials

After thinking long and hard and making a few checklists these are the item's I have discovered to be essentials for when taking a baby on holiday. These may not apply to you of course if you are visiting a different country but I thought it would be handy to share our baby essentials. I'm sure I've missed something so please if I have let me know! 

Pushchair: We already had the quinny buzz pram but we needed something cheap and easy to open and close and that we didn't mind if it got lost or broken through customs. So we opted for this 3 wheeler Petite Star pushchair. I was in two minds between this and the quinny zap but after discovering that it doesn't recline it would be slightly pointless and Amelia will need to be able to sleep in it too. 

Parasol: This I wasn't too sure about bringing but then thought it would be great on the beach for shelter for Amelia. It will fit neatly in my suitcase so no need to worry about losing it attached to the pushchair. 

Baby Bjorn: I decided that it would be a good idea to take this with us, firstly because if we need to hand over the pushchair before boarding the plane then we can carry her in it. Also for walks without the pram it will come in handy. 

Calpol: This is a must if your baby is teething also great for the flight if they get a little fussy as it may be hurting their ears but you don't know why. Easy to fit in hand luggage too.

Sun hats: We have bought a few of these, some pretty floral ones and a few sensible ones with the flap on the back that covers the neck to prevent sunburn. They are reasonably cheap too.

Swimwear: Of course you can't go abroad with your baby without some cute little swim costumes. We have a few and one wet-suit type swim suit if we want to take her into the sea.

Favourite teether: Ours is Sophie the giraffe, it's best to take a teether that your baby is familiar with so they don't feel out of their comfort zone. 

Favourite soft toy: Again take one they they are familiar with so they can cuddle up with it. 

Baby sun lotion: Ensure you take a high SPF baby sunscreen usually they are all 50+ just insure that it is for babies if they are under 6 months as their skins is more sensitive. Although if they are young they won't be in the sun anyways. 

New toys: It's a good idea to take a few new toys which you can pull out when they get fussy, these will keep them entertained and because they haven't played with them before it will be interesting for them.

Cot mosquito net: If your baby is sleeping in a travel cot it may be an idea to take a cot mosquito net depending on what country you are visiting. If you are co-sleeping this may not be applicable to you. We have asked to have a travel cot. 

Little Swimmers: Ensure you pack enough of these to last your trip, you may not be able to purchase them abroad. Also they will be quiet expensive is you do find them.

Baby swim seat: This may be an idea if your baby can't swim or is a young baby as they can sit in it giving your arms a rest. Easy to fit in your suitcase and can blow it up once you get to the pool/beach. We are definitely taking ours.


  1. I so need to do this... Ive started getting his items together! Eeeek ... I bet you're excited to go =D x

  2. Such a good list! I'm planning on getting pregnant soon, so I need to start archiving stuff like this.

    I'm your newest follower from the Friday Chaos Hop! I'd love for you to stop by my blog and follow along!


  3. Look at that cute swimsuit! My son has already requested a jogging baby stroller for his first (and his first isn't due until April!). lol


    Thanks for hosting the Friday Chaos Hop.

  4. I have an ergo carrier that I absolutely love. You might consider the ergo instead of the bjorn. The great thing about the ergo is you can use it for a veeeery long time. My son is 17 months and we are both very comfortable. Thanks for co-hosting the blog hop. Hope you will visit me! your newest follower

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