10 Tips From A First Time Mum

10 Tips From A First Time Mum.. What they don't tell you!

I've decided to share a list of things I wish I had known before giving birth. Before giving birth to my eldest I was oblivious to what changes would happen and what to expect. I didn't read any baby books and didn't have any friends who had babies so I couldn't speak to them. 

Here are 10 things they don't tell you about giving birth! I hope this help new mums or mum who are expecting. 

#1 You're still fat! - After giving birth your belly will look about 6 months pregnant. After all you have just pushed out a baby, of course you're not going to have a flat stomach straight away. It takes time. Even though I was able to put my pre-pregnancy size 6 jeans and tank top on I looked like I had a pillow up my shirt. It will gradually go down day by day. 

#2 It WILL hurt doing a number 2 - I'm not joking! Seriously. TMI but I couldn't go for at least 10 days haha! They usually will want you to have a bowel movement before you leave the hospital at 3 days. I went back in a week after after passing half of my placenta and they were still shocked I hadn't been. Ask for some lactose if they don't offer you any! 

#3 Don't wear fancy clothes at the hospital - Honestly, you will not care after giving birth, and if you have to get stitched back up your clothes may get covered in blood, you may leak a lot and you're nice clothes will be ruined. Take some plain black yoga pants and an old dressing gown which you don't mind getting ruined.

#4 DO your kegals - I learnt the hard way and didn't do any kegals, around 3 months after giving birth after everything had completely healed and I wasn't sore anymore everything didn't feel right and could never feel when I needed to pee. So I started doing kegals. Everything is back to normal now. But do them before birth and straight after delivery!

#5 Breastfeeding DOES get easier - The first few days, weeks, maybe even months your nipples will hurt, bleed or even sting, They will be cracked and sore. But it does get easier, I think after a month or so I was able to feed Amelia without that initial OUCH!! I'm sure Andy must have thought I was trying to getting attention but I couldn't take the pain and nearly gave up. But I stuck to it, and here I am 4 months later and still breastfeeding! Buy some lansinoh it works wonders.

#6 You WILL be tired 24/7 - Get all the sleep you can before you have the baby, you will regret it if you don't. You barely get any sleep for the first few months. I got by on 2 hours max for the first 2 months, as I'm breastfeeding and Andy works there's no need for him to wake up so yep guess who's up all night!? It does get better when they finally start sleeping through the night. 

#7 You may not be able to shower for a week or two - Well that was the case in my house anyways, obviously I would have a quick wash but I wasn't able to grab a shower for 2 weeks! Andy was working so I couldn't leave Amelia alone as she was also screaming and wanting to be fed/held all day. So I had to wait for Andy to get a day off to be able to have a shower. It was the BEST shower I've ever taken! (Even if it was only 5 minutes)

#8 It WILL be sore down there - Put aloe vera on some pads and put them in the fridge. So refreshing! Also try and get some of that gel stuff they give you at the hospital...especially if you tore or had an episiotomy, it helps with the healing. Another tip, is to sit on a boppy pillow or something similar like a donut shaped ring as you're not putting pressure anywhere. I sat on cushions for the first month ha ha ha!

#9 Uterus pains -You may get ubersucky intense labor pain slash cramps you get when your uterus shrinks back down to size small. I remember screaming at the top of my lungs & doubling over in pain convinced my appendix had burst...anyone else? Especially if you breastfeed, it helps to shrink it quicker. 

#10 Leaky breasts - Your breasts may leak when you hear a baby cry! Not just your baby, any baby, any time, any where. You have to be hyper-vigilant or a quick trip to the supermarket can turn into a mad dash back to the clothes section to buy another t-shirt. ALWAYS carry extra breast pads in your changing bag. I stopped carrying them around after 3 months and one day I was so engorged when I was out and started leaking really bad! Embarrassing!

These are just some helpful tips, however there are hundreds that I have found out since giving birth! 

What tips do you recommend to new mums to be that you wish you had known before giving birth? 


  1. These are so practical points to share!! Not a lot of people like talking about these things but I wish I knew a lot of this just after I delivered...particularly the part about my not regaining a flat tummy just after delivery!! lol!

    Love your new profile pic!!

  2. I learned alot on my own because people don't talk about alot of things. The books I read didnt cover it either. I tell new moms all of the things I learned cause I wish someone had told me. This is a nice post.


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