Our favourite baby items 0-3 months

When we were expecting, we didn't have a clue what we would need to buy aside from the basics, especially as first time parents! We decided not to rush and buy everything before she was born as we didn't know what she would like and dislike. So most of these products were born when Amelia was 1-2 months old. Here is our list of our favourite baby items that we have purchased. They are my (and Andy's) opinions, not a review.

I hope it helps some of you out there too if you are deciding what items to buy.

Graco Lovin Hug Baby swing- Sweet Princess

This is what allows me to be able to take a shower! There is a good reason this is number one on our list! Whoever invented this is a bloody genius and deserves a gold medal. Easy to put together, easy to operate and doesn't really go through batteries that often. Your baby can swing back to front with just the touch of a button. There are 6 different speeds which you will need as your baby puts on the pounds. Worth every penny! I honestly don't know what we would do without it!

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Maxi cosi-pebble car seat (Total Black)

This car seat is great! I actually bought this from mothercare for £99 when they had an offer on whilst I was still pregnant. It can be attached to many different prams and is easy to get in and out of the car.

Amazon price: (as of 25/07/2012) £130.00 - Buy here

Quinny buzz 3 pushchair, Rocking black

When I was looking for a pram this instantly took my eyes, it looked easy to open and close, a pretty small size that would fit in the car and the reviews were reasonably good. It also went with the maxi Cosi car seat which is a bonus! I love that we can just take Amelia out without the seat bit of the pushchair and just put her in the car seat and attach that as shes sleeping so she's not disturbed. The brakes do take a while to get use to but once you do, it's all plain sailing from there. I love it anyway.

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Jenny Jump up by Evenflo

We have only recently bought this since Amelia turned 3 months old and I am glad we did. She has always been strong on her feet and wanting to stand up on us so this will give her the balance to do so by herself.

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BabyBjorn baby carrier one Black

This is another item we only recently purchased. I am so glad we did, Amelia loves being held and isn't keen on laying down so this is perfect to be able to get stuff done around the house. Another reason I bought it was so we could go out as a family and not worry about taking the pram etc. We haven't used it out yet but Im looking forward to going for a walk soon. For now I will use it around the house when Amelia is being 'needy'.

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Sophie the giraffe

We couldn't live without Sophie, Amelia LOVES her! She hold's her all the time and goes everywhere with us. It is a natural teether which is designed to stimulate all 5 senses and also soothes sore gums. I bought this when Amelia was 1 month old as she started putting her hands in her mouth and dribbling and I heard lots of good reviews about Sophie. You should defiantly buy one, you can buy cute clips for them too!

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Tommee Tippee closer to nature digital sound and movement monitor

AMAZING!! This product is a must have, especially for new parents. I myself love it, we haven't actually used it that much yet but once Amelia is in her own room in the cot it will most defiantly get used. I have tried it out a couple of times and so far so good. I had heard so many good reviews about it from new mothers I know. As soon as you hear that alarm your heart literally beats so fast and you run to the cot. We bought this when it was on offer back in February, but do look out for the special offers.

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Bumbo seat

Ever since birth Amelia has always been able to hold her head well. So we bought this seat for her but didn't try her in it until she was 6 weeks old. She sat up fine without slouching and had her head raised looking about side to side. We knew then she would be fine in it but I didn't make a habbit of having her in it until 8-9 weeks. I started off putting her in it for 5-10 minutes everyday or two to watch TV or play with Sophie the giraffe. Now at 3 months old she goes in it now and again but I try to restrict her to TV time. It is a great buy to get them use to sitting up by themselves and can also be used to feed when they first start on solids. It took me a while to find the pink one but I did!

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Gro egg room thermometer

I bought this when I was pregnant, as a expecting mother you always worry and wonder what products you need to buy. I read about what temperatures you should keep the room and how to adjust the baby's bedding to meet that but I wondered how would I be able to know how hot/cold it was. I browsed online and found this Gro-egg, it changes colour to the room temp and had a nice little night light which comes in handy so I don't wake Amelia up. I now know when Amelia needs more or less bedding just by glancing at the Gro-egg. Such a cool little gadget, I'd defiantly recommend it and it won't break the bank at around £20.

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Much loved Playmat

When we were looking for a playmat for Amelia we wanted something natural not bright pink and not too boyish either. That's when I found this lovely bear playmat. It is so soft and it is raised at the sides to stop baby from wriggling away. She loves it and all the toys hanging down. I also prop up the bears head at the front and use it for tummy time for Amelia. 

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We bought this rocker whilst expecting Amelia so we had no idea if she would be a sleepy baby or not. The first 2-3 weeks she pretty much lived in this during the day, the sounds seemed to soothe her and she would fall asleep. Fast forward a month and she DOES NOT sleep in it anymore! Now at 3 months old she still won't fall asleep in it. So we now use it for her to sit in when she's not in the swing or bumbo seat as she doesn't like being on her back. It is a really good product but mainly for sleepy baby's where as only falls asleep in her swing or whilst being fed. But defiantly handy for the first few weeks, and now for awake time. We bought ours for £69.99 but I believe it is on sale at the moment.

Mothercare price (as of 26/07/2012) £49.99


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