Letters to Amelia: 3 months

 I am so excited to let you know that you are three months old today and officially out of the fourth trimester. You are no longer a newborn, but a baby! You have changed so much in this short space of time, I just can't keep up with it all!. I feel like an eternity has passed since you arrived, an eternity of knowing you, being with you, kissing your chubby cheeks, enjoying your smiles and struggling to put you to sleep. So much has changed in these past 3 months, you are a different baby, you're a PERSON. Let's see what you have been doing lately...

SLEEPING/NAPPING - You are sleeping much better lately, occasionally you will sleep right through the night from say 1-7am but usually you will still wake during the night for feeds. During the day you will nap for half an hour here and there and now and again you will take a long  nap for 2-3 hours which I love because i can get some bits and bobs done. When we are out and about you don't like sleeping anymore you are too alert and so nosy you like to see what's going on. However the past few days you won't nap and seem to want to be awake all the time!

NURSING - You are still being breastfed. It had been absolutely wonderful so far. I cannot believe I've made it to 3 months! I love it when you stop mid feeding and look up at me and smile with the biggest grin and then carry on. I haven't a clue how long I plan on nursing for but it's going well for us both so far. Still beats waking up in the night and going downstairs to make a bottle.

ROLLING OVER - You have rolled over a few times now, when ever you have the chance you will try to roll over and back again the start wriggling on your front. You still need some more tummy time as we don't do it that oftern partially my fault. I think you will be crawling and walking before we know it.  

TALKING - You have defiantly found your voice this past month! You started cooing very early around 3-4 weeks but have been babbling away non stop lately. We love having 'conversations' with you. You love talking in the bath to us and in the middle of the night when you should be sleeping! Recently if we are busy doing something whilst you are in your swing or playing on your play mat you will start 'squealing' as we call it and try to get our attention. It's quiet funny listening to your voice getting louder and louder.

HEAD CONTROL - Every since birth you have been able to hold your head very well. You would always lift your head when laying on my chest and I think that is why you are extremely good at it now. Since around 6 weeks old we put you in your bumbo seat and you would sit there watching TV with your head held up looking around. Nowadays you are so much more observant and like looking around and seeing whats going on. Always when we hold you so you are 'standing' on our knees, you have such good balance and your little legs are so strong, I barely hold you, just support you slightly.

BATH TIME - You absolutely LOVE bath time! Even if you have been screaming the house down 5 minutes before hand, you will all of a sudden liven up as soon as we put you in your little seat. You will splash and kick your feet and get all excited and babble away to us. You have so much fun, and so do we watching you. Check out the video below. 
SWIMMING - This week we took you swimming for the first time, okay not actually swimming but you floated around on top of the water being held by daddy and I. You seemed to enjoy it, and couldn't stop smiling. We had to take you out after around 45 minutes as you started shivering and turned slightly blue. Next time we will take you to a different pool which is much warmer I've been told. Also apparently we can take camera's in there. It's a shame we couldn't take ours in this time, we had to take a photo before hand of you in your bathing costume. But overall you enjoyed your first time in the pool. Our little water baby. 

STATS - Your 3 month check up isn't until tomorrow so we won't find out how much you weight until then unfortunately but I will update then. I am dreading you having your monthly shots. Hope you will be brave and not cry

Update- 23/07/2012 Today you had your 3 month shots, you were so brave and didn't scream once. Daddy came along too and held your hands. You now weigh 13lb 13oz so you are right on track on the chart and you are 63cm which is roughly 25inches I believe. 

We love you more than anything in the world, and are so grateful to have such a healthy precious baby girl. 
All our love, Mummy and Daddy x


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