Amelia at 12 weeks


So this is going to be my last weekly update of Amelia. I will still continue to do my monthly ones and the weekly photos which you can see here. The reason I have decided to stop doing the weekly posts is because although she is growing and doing new milestones all the time, its not as regular as everything was in the first few weeks so I find myself repeating myself a lot each week. Also with the monthly updates you will all be able to see how much she has grown. I will provide a bigger update with it all crammed into one post. Of course I will still update my blog and I do try to blog daily so there will be plenty of photos of Amelia.

Well Amelia, you are twelve weeks old today!
You won't officially be 3 months until the 22nd and we will find out your weight and length then. 
This week...
- You have found your voice even more (if that is possible)
- You rolled over without crying
- Still sucking on your hands like mad
- Can't keep your eyes off the TV! Even when we turn you, your turn your head back around!
- Won't stop smiling
- Had another fun day at baby group this week
- Enjoyed your trip to the supermarket with mummy & daddy, you even got to sit in the trolley this time
- Pushing up more when on tummy
- You have started pinching me
- You can't get enough of your feet
- You barely fit in any of your 0-3 month clothes anymore
- You are really strong on your feet


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  1. Time is moving too fast! before we know it they will be in school =\
    Well done mama Amelia sounds like shes doing amazing =] xxx


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