Amelia at 11 weeks

Well little lady you're eleven weeks old today.
This week we have noticed the most changes in you, here are some updates from this week:
  • You grabbed your feet this week! (Well it was the first time we'd seen you do it anyways)
  • You are lifting your head really well when on your back and it looked like you were doing 'sit-ups' the other night. Was so funny. 
  • Tummy time has improved and we do it everyday. 
  • You can hold and pick up your dummy yourself
  • You have started sticking you tongue out again (think I will regret teaching you that again)
  • Bath time is so much fun! You like to kick your feet and splash.
  • You are 'talking' to yourself all the time
  • Mickey mouse club house has taken over the house! We let you watch it now and again as it seems to keep you entertained for 10 minutes or so.  Your face is priceless.
  • You smile when we walk in the room
  • You recognise our voices and when we call your name.
  • Finally...you are getting more regular with the dirty nappies. 
  • Your hair has grown even more and this week it looks more a reddish/brown. Defiantly going to be Auburn I reckon. Eyes are a brighter blue.
  • After stopping putting your hands in your mouth last week, you somehow have started it again this week. We can't stop you from shoving them down your throat! 
  • You love grabbing things.
  • You are learning to sleep in other places other than your swing. 
  • Sleeping wise you are getting better at night and went a 6 hour stretch last night!!
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  1. New follower ! Found you on Naptime Review Moms Mingle - would love a follow back :-)
    Amelia is so cute - enjoy her, they grow up much too quickly .. my "baby" is almost 19 years old!

  2. She is precious. Love that you are enjoying every moment of her life. Thank you for sharing at WJIM.


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