Amelia at 5 weeks

5 WEEK update: 

Today its been 5 weeks since Amelia came into this world. And while some people seem to wonder at how fast time flies by, I feel like it’s been ages. Ages since we’ve known her, ages since she’s been in our lives, and let’s be honest, ages since we haven’t gotten enough sleep.


Her schedule has been pretty much the same: she eats every 30-50 minutes during the day, naps about 20-40 minutes at a time. At night, feedings space out to every hour with one stretch of sleep being 2 hours. That means I get up to feed her 7- 8 times a night ( yes, you read that right!).

Now I don’t know what happened last night (maybe she got clued in that she’s a big girl now), but she slept for 4 hours before waking up, and then continuing waking up every 2 hours until the last feeding. That was amazing! Aaaaand today she’s back to every hour Lucky me!

Despite having to nurse that frequently at night, I’ve been doing pretty good with sleep. We all try to go to bed at 11 pm and end up getting up for the day by 7-8am. So in the end I get about 6 very interrupted hours of sleep.

Andy is really lucky, because I try not to wake him up unless I need something, which means he gets to sleep 8-9 hour stretches. It’s for the better, because HE IS HORRIBLE when woken up, like he can’t function at all.

  • her gaze follows objects and people
  • greets me with a smile 70% of the time
  • has a very strong grip
  • notices objects in the mirror
  • slept a “whole” 4.5 hour stretch at night (woohoo!)
  • finally been to a get together and behaved really well
  • has developed a really funny demanding pre-cry - it’s a one syllable ”AH!”


  • LOVES after nap stretches 
  • is mesmerized by her swing
  • had her first book read to her
  • if in the mood, really enjoys full body infant massages
  • really doesn’t like going to sleep. Who wants to miss out on all the action?
  • the boob is her BFF! She eats and eats and eats and then wants more!
  • loves talking to us. We have full on “conversations” with that girl.
  • doesn’t mind her diaper being wet. 
  • loves her grandmas

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