7 days PP - Back in Hospital

Well on Sunday 29th of April, 7 days after giving birth & 4 days of being out of that place I ended up back in hospital. I thought I was recovering pretty well especially after a really long labour, traumatic delivery, forceps and a few stitches. Guess I was wrong. 

I hadn't had barely any rest since coming back from the hospital, the day I gave birth I had visitors in the hospital, and the next two days whilst still there too. Then when we came home I had visitors too.

I have to admit the first night we got home I felt like crap! Moving around was almost impossible I pretty much stayed on the sofa and had Amelia lay on me so I could feed her easily. My lower back killed me and getting in and out of bed was almost impossible, I had to get Andy to pull me up and Amelia had to stay in the bed with us as I wouldn't have been able to get up to feed her. 

So anyway, it was the Sunday, 7 days after I had given birth and we were all getting ready for bed around 11pm. I was mid feeding Amelia when all of a sudden i felt a gush of blood and literally threw her to Andy and ran to the bathroom. What I wasn't expecting when I got there was for a massive chunk of my placenta to pass out of me!! When I say massive I mean the size of an A4 piece of paper! (I do have a picture for those intrigued) I didn't scream, but I did make some weird shocked noises, where Andy had to come through to see if i was okay. It was then we both realised I had lost a lot of blood and another chunk of membranes. Andy ran downstairs and got a ladle to get it out of the toilet pan and put it on newspaper and we both looked at it in disgust. I thought it was a lung or my bladder haha! Silly me. 

I was just happy to take a picture to show my midwife at my next home visit and ask her then what is was and go back to bed. But Andy luckily said "No, I'm calling labour ward" and so he did. They told him to call 999 to get an ambulance immediately and I called my parents to come round as we didn't know if we could take Amelia with us. I didn't want to go to hospital and was more worried about my Tesco home delivery which was coming the following morning.

Ambulance came within 10 minutes by this time it was nearly 12am and put me on a drip to get fluids in me as I had lost a lot of blood and being anemic already they couldn't risk it. The paramedic asked for the placenta to take to the hospital so when my parents arrived my dad put it in a nappy bag. Another ambulance arrived and they put me in a chair and carried me outside. I was then given more drips and Andy was allowed to come with me. My parents took Amelia in the car following us in the Ambulance to the hospital. The ride there seemed to take forever! Even though it was only 15 minutes away. 

Seeing as I was breastfeeding Amelia she had to stay with me so they put us back in the same ward that I was in after giving birth. This time we got our own en-suite room as we had been out of the hospital and they can't risk infection. All the midwifes and doctors we're joking saying they'd heard i'd given birth again. The doctor examined me and the placenta then we had to wait. Luckily my parents could stay with us too. I was given antibiotics through a drip and was told i'd need to stay in for another 2 days for all the medication to be given to me and i'd need a drip given every 8 hours. 

At 3am Andy and my parents left and it was just Amelia and myself left in the labour delivery room. Shortly after a midwife came and took us through to the labour ward and attached another drip. Next thing I knew it was 7am and I was feeding Amelia. It felt weird being back in the hospital but seeing as I hadn't fully recovered yet I was actually quiet glad to be there. I was looking forward to the hospital food, I actually quiet liked it, maybe because I was starving anyways who knows.

We stayed in hospital until the following day and had visitors both days. I felt much better on the last day and the registrar and doctors came to see me and discharged me with plenty of medication to take. I was glad to be allowed home finally, and be in my own bed. Andy had cleaned the house and sorted a few things out...and yes if you were wondering, I did get my Tesco home delivery. 

Just thinking about it all now - a week later it's all a blur but all very scary. 
This is an experience that I wouldn't wish upon my worst enemy, no one should have to go through what I did, i'm just glad it's over with. 

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  1. This sounds horrible :( Hope you're okay now! And glad you got your tesco delivery! Ha xx


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