The Belly - Amelia

As I only got round to starting this blog the week you were due I will share some facts and pictures from the last 5 or so months.

Above is one of your very first ultrasounds, taken at 18 weeks this is when we found out that we were having a little princess. We were in shock, but excited at the same time.

This is the first time we saw your little face and 'button nose' as your daddy likes to call it. We wondered who you will look like the most. Still to this day we are clueless, but hopefully you'll have mummy's looks :-) (don't tell you're dad I said this).

This is the first picture I took of my bump, it was taken when you were 20 weeks. This is when mummy had a flat stomach and you weren't kicking my ribs. But I wouldn't have it any other way.

Bump Picture at 25 weeks - 

Here you're finally starting to get bigger and making my tummy rounder. 

This was you at 33 weeks, finally starting to show more, however I haven't got a clue how you were kept hidden in there so long. No one could believe that I was this far along in the pregnancy. 

Taken at 37 weeks -

All of a sudden you had a growth spurt and you became this huge watermelon in my belly. I honestly don't know where it appeared from. However, I am very grateful that you haven't given me any stretch marks :)

Last bump picture taken at 39 weeks, you can see that you have dropped much lower here. It is getting harder for mummy to breathe and you keep on kicking my ribs. 

This was you're last Ultrasound picture taken at 39+4 days. We weren't expecting to have another one after the 36 week scan, however the midwife booked a last minute one for us to see how you were growing. We also got to see you breathing and moving your lips, it was amazing!

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