We've been seeing 4am a lot lately... actually we've been seeing pretty much every hour from 1 am oh hello sleepless newborn nights. But that's okay because I know they won't last forever and as I lie here typing this with Harrison sprawled out across my chest, feeling his heartbeat beating and his warm breath on my skin I couldn't imagine being anywhere else right now. 

My body is used to be being sleep deprived by now, especially after two and a half years of Amelia sleeping in our bed where I would never be fully asleep incase I would roll over and squish her. I've always been a light sleeper and ever since Amelia has started sleeping through the night she still occasionally wakes now and comes into our bed. Before H was born I was getting a good 5-6 hours sleep which was uninterrupted apart from the odd toilet trip when I was heavily pregnant, I couldn't complain. I could survive on this and function throughout the day quite happily. 

So, I thought I'd be able to cope with the sleepless nights, after all I've done it before. The fact that it's broken sleep with an hour here or there ruins your sleep pattern even more. I feel physically drained. Again, I'm fine during the day and don't feel tired. However come 9pm I'm a zombie and by midnight when I take H upstairs to bed and it starts all over again. We fall asleep around 1 and then wake up an hour later and so on until the morning. 

I don't want to get into the habit of having him sleeping on me like I did with Amelia but if that's the only way we're all going to get some more sleep then maybe that's what I'll have to do. After all you can't really spoil babies as they say, and I know eventually he'll be in his own bed and in his own room.

But for now I'll soak up all of these newborn moments because this is most probably going to be our last baby which makes me sad that I won't be able to experience this again. 

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1 // My last bump photo taken the day before H was born 
2 // Brining H home from the hospital - Amelia being protective over him
3 // Harrison sleeping in his Izziwotnot Moses Basket for the first time 
4 // Loving nursing my second baby - ever so grateful for this experience 
5 // Testing out the Doona for the first time 
6 // Lovely gifts for Harrison from Lilly & Sid 
7 // Out for lunch with both kids for the first time which was a success
8 // 2am snuggles 
9 // Mummy & Harrison

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Two weeks ago to this very day Harrison was born. It already feels like he's been here a lifetime, I honestly couldn't imagine life without him and wouldn't change it for the world. I still can't believe he's here, I keep pinching myself to make sure it's not a dream. The days are going by so fast it feels like I only have to blink and we fast forward two or three days. I don't even know what day it is most days. 

I can already see him changing so much, he's starting to look a lot more like Amelia now and we can see it in her newborn photos. I've had many people say he's looking a lot like me too. He is much more alert during the day time, making lots of eye contact and little cooing noises. 

He is really easy during the day, doesn't need to be held constantly like his big sister did and will quite happily lie wide awake in his moses basket or swing which is good considering all I did for the first month of Amelia's life was sit on the sofa watching endless episodes of teen mom whilst stuffing my face with cookies with a baby on the boob all day long. Of course it's nice to have cuddles and enjoy those precious newborn moments however with a toddler you have other priorities too. 

We had our first health visitor visit this afternoon after being discharged from the midwives at 10 days old. Harrison now weighs 8lb 6.5oz so is half an ounce more than his birth weight. The health visitor was happy with him. He's in size 1 nappies and still in newborn clothing which I'm quite glad about as he still has many outfits to wear!



I realise I'm starting this a little late but I have been a little busy these last few weeks! I take a lot of photos on a daily basis but don't always share them on here, so this year I'm planning on sharing a photo of my kids every week until the year is over, I thought I would name this project "Watch them grow". I look forward to looking back through the photos at then end of the year and seeing their growth and personality change week after week. So here goes... 

A weekly photo of my children.

Amelia, 33 months // Lying on the floor and she says "cheese" so I got my phone out and she pulled this big cheesy grin.

Harrison, 10 days old // Of course I had to snap a photo with the little man too!

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Harrison turned 1 week old on Friday. How is he already a week old? I can't believe how fast this week has flown by even though it feels like he's always been part of our lives. I wish the days were longer or time would slow down so we can soak up these early newborn days just a bit longer as it makes me sad that this may possibly be the last time we get to experience having a newborn so I want to make the most of these days before they are gone.

This week has been one of the most amazing weeks of my life. I love that we are now a family of four and it honestly feels like we always have been and that Harry has been here all this time. I feel so much more confident in looking after a newborn this time round, there are things that I don't do that I did with Amelia. It's a completely different experience. Harry is completely different to how his big sister was as a newborn. He is much more content which is amazing. He barely cries, usually only when he's being changed as he doesn't like being cold and occasionally he will cry when he's hungry but no where near as much as Amelia. He sleeps pretty much all day in his Moses Basket however has been nocturnal at night the past few nights although he slept really well the first couple of nights which was good. We are using the Snuzpod co-sleeper upstairs which he will sleep in for a couple of hours and then when he gets grizzly/restless ends up in bed with us as he will only fall back to sleep on me then, and at least this way I'm getting some sleep too.