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5 Ways to Make Popcorn Healthier

In recent times, popcorn has been making a push to replace crisps as a go-to snack. More and more varieties have been placed on our supermarket shelves, making it difficult to judge what, if any, product we should buy.

However, the nutritional value of popcorn is still questionable, and many are wondering about its health implications. While we know butter and salt obviously won’t be good for us, what can we do to make sure popcorn is a worthwhile alternative to other more fattening snacks?

Play the destiny quiz

Sometimes destiny can work in mysterious ways. And for some lucky people, good fortune comes pretty naturally. Who would have thought that Joan Ginther would win the lottery an astonishing four times? Or that Roy Sullivan would survive lightning strikes seven times? Destiny it seems is a strange mistress.

The concept of destiny, fate and fortune has been mulled over for centuries - with philosophers, scientists and great men of religion all chiming into the debate. Let’s take the Stoics for example, who attribute destiny to a divine plan and power. In their depiction of destiny, we have free will but are connected to a universal network of fate.

Then there are the Epicureans, who completely deny the existence of such a thing, believing that a human being’s action are voluntary... provided they are of sound mind. Whichever side of the fence you sit on, strange and wonderful events happen in the world on a regular basis; coincidences that often can only be attributed to the idea of destiny or fate.

The future is very much in mankind’s interest - and humanity has devised all sorts of systems to predict events. In more recent times, we have relied on the powers of science to help our predictions - like forecasting the weather for example. But in the past we have relied on divination and the reading of certain signs to give us a reading from the future.

Today, we combine mysticism and the power of technology to reveal your future - behold the destiny quiz! To find out what lies in store for you, simply answer the following questions as honestly as you can. What will your future hold? Great riches at bgo casino, a new love, that swanky new car you have been eyeing up - the future is full of surprises! Now let us gaze into our crystal ball...

How to Manage Money When You’re Separated from Your Spouse

No matter how long you’ve been married, it’s always difficult on everyone involved when a legal separation or divorce is in the works. There’s much to consider and when emotions are especially raw, it may not be easy making good financial decisions in the heat of the moment. If you are in the midst of a separation, here is some advice on how to manage money during this time of upheaval.

How faulty appliances could put you and your home at risk

The risk of a faulty appliance isn’t immediately obvious to most homeowners. They tend to use their microwave, washing machine, oven, and other appliances without giving them much thought. But there are some things worth considering, like what happens when an appliance becomes faulty and is still plugged into the electrical supply or mains water supply.

Let’s consider the concerns and whether they should be taken seriously or not.

Sticking to Your New Year’s Resolution

Did you know that come to the end of January, 92% of us would have failed to stick to our New Year’s resolution?

That could either be because of our self-promises are too boring to notice or too difficult to commit too. Fear not, there's nothing wrong with picking a new New Year’s resolution, and this quiz will help you whittle down your search.

Provider by the creators of the quality bingo at Paddy Power, this unique personality quiz asks you some of the strangest questions about what you want to achieve this year and generates your own resolution.

So... what is your New Year's Resolution?

Mine is to smile more, which I do agree with! I definitely need to stop stressing and taking life so seriously and smile!