The cost of travel can soar when you’re with the family; flights, airport parking fees, car hire… costs quickly add up and many have chosen to stay in this country to try to ensure costs are more manageable. One of the most popular choices is to embark on a fun-filled family road trip. This cuts out many of the big expenses of going on a holiday. 

For some though, the thought of spending a few hours a day cooped up in the car with restless kids can seem like a daunting prospect. Trips in the car need not be a 3-hour session of introspection on why you ever decided to start a family in the first place though. Follow these tips and you’ll find yourself enjoying a calm, stress-free and pleasurable journey.


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Parents are mentors for their children, playing an essential role in helping them fulfil their potential in life. Here are 5 ways to help your child achieve their potential:

1. Engage With Your Child

Ask your child about their day, what they are studying, what they enjoy and don’t enjoy. Make sure you really listen and take time to understand what they are telling you. Ask them about their goals and dreams and then start encouraging them to achieve them. Discuss the books they are reading and what they are watching on TV. Show your child affection. Make sure you hug them every day and devote time to them. Only by fully engaging with your child can you truly understand their strengths and weaknesses and help them where they need it. Talk to your child’s teacher often so you keep up to date with what they are studying and how they are progressing. Attend school plays and sports days where possible.


This week baby boy is the size of a butternut squash, he now weighs roughly 2.5lb and is about 15 inches long. The third trimester has been treating me rather well so far apart from a lot of braxton hicks which is down to not drinking enough fluids. This pregnancy has been really good compared to when I was pregnant with Amelia, I may be speaking too soon but I've actually enjoyed it so far.

I'm finally eating more again this week and have more of an appetite in the evenings unlike previous weeks. I've still not had any food aversions and I'm not craving anything in particular which I thought I would have had some by now. 

I've been waking up at least twice a night this past week with cramps in my legs and feet again, they're not the ones that you can get rid of just by stretching your leg in bed. I literally have to jump out of bed and jump around until they go. The toe separating ones are the worse! Speaking of sleep, I've been having some very weird and vivid dreams recently. I've still not had any dreams of baby boy here in the real world but I've had some of the birth and him trying to escape from my belly ha ha! 

The belly is looking much rounder this week and as soon as I've eaten it doubles in size. It's much more noticeable and people have been asking how far along I am which is weird because it wasn't noticeable at this stage last pregnancy. Movements have been much more regular than before, I can see so many more body parts sticking out and I'm also feeling and seeing movement during the daytime where as before he usually was more active in the evening when I was sat down. 

I'm beginning to get very nervous as the weeks go by, in just over 10 weeks (give or take) we will have another little person to care for. There's been so many questions running through my head from... can we cope, how will I be able to look after 2 kids, is this all too soon? Should we have waited longer? I guess we will find out soon enough but it's just been playing on my mind recently. 

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How was the third trimester for you? 

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One thing about pregnancy that I love is being able to record all of my thoughts and feelings to look back on in years to come. Whilst pregnant with Amelia I didn't document my pregnancy until the last few weeks when I was over due and thats when I started this blog! I was recently sent some lovely bits from Busy B and their Baby B range to review and today I will be sharing my thoughts on them with you all as I am in love with them!