With the days getting colder it's finally time to fold away the summer clothing for yet another year. I love Autumn, it's probably my favourite season of the year especially whilst pregnant as I can wear comfy knitwear and boots and not feel frumpy.

Above are some of the items which are currently on my wish list for this Autumn, I love wearing jumpers and cardigans and probably have enough in my wardrobe for a lifetime, however they are just something that I end up collecting and you can always pair them with different jeans or leggings so create different looks. As there are so many different styles and colours available you can never get bored of them. This year I'm looking forward to buying a few christmas jumpers as I've never really found any that I like, but have already seen a few which have caught my eye.

Boots are a staple in my wardrobe for Autumn and winter, ankle boots, knee high boots there are so many different styles to choose from. I am loving the tan boots pictured above at the moment and I'm also looking for some nice under the knee boots as I don't own many anymore. 

Floral dresses and tunic tops are a must in my wardrobe all year round they go nicely in the summer with flats for dressing down and are nice in the winter with either leggings, tights or jeggings, a nice pair of boots and a cardigan. The two dresses above are both on my wish list and will fit now with the bump and I can still wear them after giving birth which is great. 

I'm in need of a new coat this year as this padded parker jacket would be perfect for keeping warm. I just can't decide on which colour as it's also available in green and red. 

What's your Autumn wardrobe staple this year? 

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We were recently sent the Dyson DC59 Animal Cordless Vacuum Cleaner to try out and it's literally become my best friend! I've never been the type of person to keep up with the housework, not because I'm lazy (okay, maybe a little bit) but I've always had a busy lifestyle even before Amelia came along. So when I find out about new and exciting gadgets on the market I get excited at the prospect that I may actually enjoy cleaning!



If you have been a reader of our blog for some time now you may have noticed my love for holiday themed baskets, we've done Christmas and Easter in the past and now with Halloween just around the corner I thought it was time I shared Amelia's Halloween toddler basket with you all. I've been collecting bits and pieces for the past month or so and finally found the perfect basket a couple of weeks ago. 

Incase you were wondering I bought the wicker basket from eBay for about £3 and purchased some orange organza ribbon to decorate it with. I wanted to keep it simple but you could add any type of Halloween themed decorations if you wish. 

Here's what is inside her Halloween basket, hopefully it will give you some ideas if you are wanting to make one for your little ones. I'll also be adding a few treats when I get round to going to the supermarket. 

Are you making a Halloween basket/box for your little one this year? 

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Wooah where has that bump come from? I feel and look so much bigger this week, I think baby has had a growth spurt. The bump is definitely looking more rounder and can be seen no matter what I'm wearing. I think I was about this size when I was around 34 weeks with Amelia which you can see here. This week baby boy is the size of an eggplant and roughly weighs around 2.25 lb and is about 14.8 inches long. 

Finally got my appetite back this week which is good. Still not eating three meals a day but at least I'm eating I guess. I feel so bloated in the evenings though and my belly is always rock hard. I've put on 2 lbs since last week and now weigh 8st 2 lb so hopefully I will start gaining more weight now that I'm getting bigger. Although I'm not worried as I didn't gain much last time and Amelia was nearly a 10 pound baby. 

Really need to get a hair cut, my hair is in such bad condition. A friend from work has kindly given me a voucher to some money off so I shall definitely book an appointment soon to get it thinned out and any split ends cut off. I really want to dye my hair too as I've not dyed it in around a year and it could do with some colour to it!

I'm finding it difficult to put socks on and have to remember I have a bump in the way when bending down etc. Especially at work, I keep on bending down to pick something up and usually loose my balance and look like a fool. I had my first customers at work ask when the baby was due this week, so I must definitely be showing more this time as last time people didn't even know I was pregnant until I had gone on maternity leave! 

I've also been feeling slightly nervous about looking after two babies, how will I cope with all the sleepless nights again even though Amelia has finally started to sleep better she still gets up in the night so I am quite worried about that! Will I be able to manage my time and share it with both of them? Even though the nursery is nearly completed minus painting it and sorting out the wardrobe storage I still don't feel like we're ready. There's just 12 weeks left and as soon as Halloween is out of the way it will be Christmas and I'll be off work! 

You can read my previous pregnancy updates here

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Around this time of year I always sit down and reflect on how the year has gone so far. Whether I've managed to complete any of my yearly goals I set on New Years Day or stuck to them for this long and what I've not yet completed or given up on. It got me thinking about next year as we have so many exciting events happening from the birth of baby boy in January, possibly a house move and also a new place of work as we are expanding to a new site! So much is about to happen and it's rather daunting just thinking about it and what the future will hold for us. 

Looking back at the resolutions I set myself in January it's safe to say that I've not completed them all. I have tried to save more money which had been going really well until we needed to buy a new car but I couldn't have predicted that. I also stated that I wished to cook more meals each week which I had been doing until I fell pregnant and lost my motivation. I've not completed my Christmas shopping which I had hoped to have done by now but I'm more prepared than I was last year and the majority of it is done. 

The Circle offer family & home psychic, medium and clairvoyant readings which is something I've never done before. I've always read my star signs in the paper and magazines regularly and have always wanted to go and see a psychic but never plucked up the courage. I'm not sure if it's the prospect of actually knowing what will happen as I tend to like to let things happen in due course. Although there is a part of me that would like to know whats to come and I have always heard such positive things about them.

I'm looking forward to seeing what the future will bring as a family of four. 

* We were given a voucher for this post to treat ourselves to something in 2015. 

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