How is it already December 20th? One of my favourite things about Christmas is being able to snuggle up in front of the fire with plenty of snacks in our pyjamas and watch Christmas films throughout the month of December. Now that Amelia is getting older and will actually watch a movie for more than 5 minutes I can enjoy them with her too. Here are my favourite Christmas films, some old childhood favourites and some more recent ones. 

The Santa Clause // Home alone // Love Actually // Elf // Santa Claus: The Movie // Home Alone 2 // Deck The Halls // Jingle All The Way // Arthur Christmas // The Holiday // The Grinch // The Polar Express 

I think my all time favourites have to be Home Alone 1 & 2, The Santa Clause and Santa Claus: The Movie. I don't like the newer Home Alone films, you can't beat the 1st and 2nd ones! Deck the Halls is another firm favourite and who doesn't like Love Actually? 

What are your all time favourite Christmas films? 

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As we near baby boys due date I am frantically trying to fit in as much as possible before his arrival! I have a to-do list the size of my arm which includes lots of jobs to do around the house but what I'd much rather be doing is making the most of the last couple of weeks as a mum of one and enjoy that one on one time with Amelia as things are about to become very hectic for the first few months whilst we get in some sort of routine. 


With Christmas fast approaching, the pressure to find the ideal gifts is mounting. Getting the perfect present for a mum can have its own hurdles because not all mums are quite the same. Some mums buy their own makeup, don’t want special soaps or don’t like jewellery. With these classic gifts off the table, what do you get? 

We’re here to help with a selection of five wonderful, alternative gifts for the mums who aren’t so girly. Think gifts for the practical, working mums, the great cooks and the tech obsessed. These interesting and unique gifts will make her life that much nicer, they’re practical and they’ll show her that you can think outside the box. 



As a first time mum with Amelia, aside from the basics I had no idea what baby products I would need and more importantly what she would actually like so I held off buying the majority of things until she was here. Babies like to be held, but the bottom line is we can't hold them 24/7! We need to put them down at some point, to pee, shower, cook or check Instagram and Facebook (You know it's true!). We used the Graco Hug swing with Amelia and as much as we loved it and it was an absolute life saver it was pretty big and bulky! It also broke when we were moving so we no longer have it and it's pink! 

With baby boy due in less than a month I have been looking at bouncers and swings yet again. I know he won't need one right away but I like to be prepared and have everything ready for his arrival. I want something neutral yet modern, I'm not a fan of bright colours or themes so will definitely be purchasing something neutral to keep in tone with the decor of our home. 

Here are my favourite picks including bouncers, rockers & swings!



Becoming a parent is one of life's most amazing experiences, but it doesn't come easy and you will soon find yourselves extremely busy. I rarely find a spare 5 minutes to myself but it is still essential that we make time for the important things. With the joys of parenthood comes the responsibility of ensuring your family are taken care of if the worst were to happen and Legal and General have a new initiative to provide free life cover for new parents to get you started with £10,000 of cover for 12 months. Any parent aged 18-45 can apply for this cover and it will last for 12 months from the start of the policy. You can find more information about this policy here.