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10 Things To Do In Great Yarmouth

Wondering what to do and see in Great Yarmouth? Take a look at these 10 things to do in Great Yarmouth

Great Yarmouth is a coastal town in Norfolk and is a popular holiday destination for many tourists. I used to visit many a time as a kid in the summer holidays when we would visit my Grandparents who live in close by, and have many memories from those fun days out. I'd love to take my kids some day to re-live those memories. Are you planning on visiting Great Yarmouth? There are many places of interest and it's packed with a huge range of attractions, beaches and things to do and see whatever the weather.

Wondering what to do and see in Great Yarmouth? Read on...


How Much Is The Right Amount To Spend On A Child's Birthday Party?

With Harry's first birthday coming up I have been browsing good ol' Pinterest for ideas for his party. I wasn't going to do a party but I thought seeing as we did one for Amelia's first birthday and it's also his first it would be a shame not to throw one for one and not the other. As we don't have many relatives living close by it won't be a big party, more like a small get together with a few family members and friends. Whilst I was browsing Pinterest for party food and table decor ideas it suddenly dawned on me how much a birthday party for a child actually costs! You can view my Pinterest board here of some of my ideas so far.


How To Save Money On Nappies with Pampers Wonder Week

Since becoming a mum I've started to realise the value of money a lot more. Having a baby can be expensive, having another is even more expensive so when you find great deals you just have to grab them when you can. I dread to think how much I've spent over the last three years on nappies and when Harry came along I did everything possible to make sure Amelia was potty trained as this would save me a lot of money with only having to add one pack of nappies to the shopping list each week. Even with just one lot of nappies to buy it is still rather costly so any little savings help, which is why I try to stock up on nappies and bulk buy them when I can. 

Incase you haven't already heard it's Pampers Wonder Week this week October 1st-October 7th and today I'm sharing some of their great savings. Following the success of Wonder Weekend earlier this year they've brought it back but this time parents can enjoy a whole week of money saving offers! 


How To Use Pinterest To Increase Your Blog Traffic

Wondering how to drive more traffic to your blog or how to get more re-pins? Take a look at these 10 tips on how to use Pinterest to increase traffic to your blog

Pinterest has been my top referral site for some time now (after Google of course) and I only really started using it properly just this year even though I've had it for around 3 years since I started my blog back in 2012, I mainly used it for my own use and not for blog promotion. I don't have a big following but I do get a lot of traffic from Pinterest and this is all down to doing some of these things I'm about to share with you rather than just re-pinning tons of pins to random boards. 

Not only is Pinterest extremely addictive it can really increase your blog traffic if you use it strategically. One thing I hadn't actually realised is that Pinterest is in fact a search engine just like Google, so your content gets better over time as it will keep on going and be re-pined when new people come across your content. 

Here are my tips for using Pinterest which you can start implementing right now to increase your blog traffic, following and re-pins.


31 Money Saving Tips For Students

Starting college or Uni this year? Check out these 31 money saving tips for students which are bound to save you money!

It's been a while since my student days, 8 years in fact! Gosh that makes me feel old! But what I do remember from those few years in college was that I was always strapped for cash! Even with a part time job, I always seemed to be living to make ends meet. Here are 31 money saving tips for students which are bound to save you some money which you could then put towards buying that one item you really want to save for, save it up for a holiday at the end of the year or what ever you wish! 
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