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10 ways to make money fast

Behind on the rent? Need money to fill your car with petrol to get to work or simply fancy a last minute getaway? If you've searched for quick ways to make money fast then I'm guessing that you're low on funds and pay day is still some while away. Here are 10 ways to raise some quick cash in a few days both online and offline. 


When it comes to your little one's health, it can feel like it's you against the world. An onslaught of cold viruses, booked up GP appointments, nursery superbugs and huge A&E waiting times. I should know about the latter, being a doctor who has worked in several A&E departments in the South of England over the last few years. 

This short article is about the different ways new parents can come together to stem the tide of maleficence, to overcome the fears and constraints that these modern health situations purvey. I am biased, though, as it just happens to also be the way that I view retail; we should all be able to come together to buy things for less using the Internet.

But in the context of health of our children, how can we help each other to help ourselves?



I never thought it would be happening so soon but the time has come and Amelia has started nursery! It's so bittersweet, it makes me sad to know that she is growing up and no longer so little but it also gives me great pleasure in knowing that she is benefiting from it by making friends and learning more. Amelia recently turned three and is no longer a toddler, she is a little girl and has a mind of her own, she can feed herself, dress herself and is more than capable of going to the bathroom on her own. She is independent and likes doing things herself so is more than ready to start nursery. 

The nursery we enrolled her in is attached to the school that she will be going to in September which we just found out she has been accepted for. The nursery class takes children from 2 and a half so realistically she could have started before Christmas however it hadn't crossed my mind to put her in a nursery before she started properly in September until a couple of months ago when the Health Visitor suggested it. Plus I thought it would do her some good getting used to going to nursery before September and used to playing with other children. She only goes two days a week as we have to pay for her to go but I really do she think will benefit from it. She started last week and already loves it!

Guest Post - Keepsakes From My Sewing Room‏

Hi, I am so excited that Kerry is letting me write a guest post on her fab blog. I love all the parenting blogs that are out there at the moment and wish there had been more about when my children were babies. I am a massive believer in Mums supporting Mums and the world of blogging sees to be the perfect place to do this. Plus, I do so love following all the babies as they grow on Instagram (I mean come on, how cute IS Harrison?). 

Ok, so you are probably wondering who I am. I'm Gemma, the owner, designer, machinist and general dogsbody of Keepsakes From My Sewing Room. I create Keepsakes from your babies / children's clothes. 

Yes, that's right, from those oh so cute outfits that hold so many treasured memories yet sit boxed up in your loft. I consider myself very lucky in that I get to call doing something I love my job and as such I enjoy putting as much details and character into each Keepsake as possible. 




These days £100 doesn't go very far at all, especially when you have children as you're always needing to buy them something new whether that be clothes, shoes, toys, bedding or school uniform the list is endless. I was recently asked by TSB to share what I would do with a spare £100. I very rarely have a spare £100 to spend on myself. In fact the only time I tend to treat myself these days is with Birthday or Christmas money so as you can imagine that's not very often! 
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