When I was growing up and living at home with my parents we moved from London to Wales when I was 9 years old. We were introduced to the country side and many different outdoor activities. I have grown up through both my school and early teenage years spending many weekends and summer holidays kayaking, walking, rock climbing with my dad and younger brothers.

I love living in the country side, this part of the world is beautiful and I do hope we are still living here when Amelia is older. There are many activities that I would like to do with Amelia when she is old enough and let her experience. She loves the outdoors and exploring so I'm sure she will love it!

Here are a few of the activities we have been thinking of doing whilst she is a toddler.



Whether you’re simply imagining a proposal, or you think you’ve got a real one on your hands, there are lots of things to think about. What will you be wearing? What will the ring look like? Will you even say yes? 

If You Don’t Want To Marry Them 

This is everyone’s worst nightmare. You must consider why you don’t want to marry them. Assuming that the relationship is relatively serious, you’ve probably thought about it on some level. You should discuss it together, preferably way before he or she gets down on bended knee. 

It takes a lot of guts to say what you’re really feeling in this situation, but you need to recognise the vulnerability and courage of your partner to propose too, so be kind.



Another week has flown by and baby boy is now the size of a pomegranate or banana depending on which pregnancy app I check. He is roughly 12.07 oz and is now able to swallow amniotic fluid as his digestive system develops. My utereus is definitely getting bigger and it moving closer towards by belly button and I can definitely feel it more when I have a full bladder or when I'm having a braxton hicks.

We had our 20 week scan on Tuesday which you can read all about here, it's a shame we didn't get a better photo as you can't really see his limbs or face much compared to Amelia's 20 week scan but it's still nice to have a scan photo to look back on. I think he looks like an alien to be honest ha ha! 

Nothing much has really changed this week apart from my bump which is definitely growing! You can now see my bump even when I'm wearing a baggy top which is crazy as you couldn't tell I was pregnant with Amelia until around 30 weeks. Clothes are all still fitting comfortably and I've weirdly still not put any weight on. 

I've finally been able to drink Dr Pepper in the evenings again which is good and I haven't really had any aversions to food this week. At the beginning of the week I felt really faint at work and felt exactly how I used to when I was anaemic. The dizzy blurred vision, ringing in the ears, distant hearing and feeling weak at the knees. It actually happened twice in the space of a couple of hours and I literally couldn't concentrate on anything. I haven't had a blood test taken in a while so I'm assuming it's my iron levels which I will pop by the hospital to get them taken in the week. 

We've also started discussing names this past week and neither of us can agree on one that we both like. He doesn't like any thing I suggest and I don't like anything he suggests. I actually only like a couple of boy names, I'm pretty fussy and don't like anything boring and don't like anything too random. I find it much harder with boy names. I have a feeling baby boy will be nameless at this rate! With Amelia we wrote a list of top 10 girls names we both liked and Amelia happened to be the top one on both of ours and we had already mentioned we both liked the name. I think we had her name chosen around this time already. 

That's all for week 21, if you missed last week's update click here.

When did you have your baby's name chosen?

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I've always grown up around animals, ever since we got our first guinea pigs when I was about 5. Since then we've had many dogs and cats over the years including rabbits and goldfish. To be honest I'm more of a dog person personally as I feel that they become part of the family so much more than any other pet we've owned. Since moving out of my parents house a few years ago I have missed having a pet of my own. I would love for us to have a dog of our own, a friend for Amelia to play with.


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